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Xenosaga Episode 1 (PS2)

Xenosaga Episode 1 (PS2)
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Thousands of years into the future, man exists only in deep space. Brutally opposed by a merciless alien race, humanity faces an uncertain destiny as it unlocks the secrets of the Universe in search of the ultimate truth.

Brutally opposed by the Gnosis a mysterious and hostile life-form, the Federation works to expand humankind's reach throughout the Universe even by force where necessary.

Based on Nietzsche's controversial theory of mankind's "will to power", Xenosaga delivers a captivating message through seamless story and exquisite character development. The stimulating graphics and scrutiny to detail combined with a truly cinematic and sensory-absorbing experience, propel Xenosaga as the one role playing game all gamers must own.
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* Epic storyline.

* Breathtaking cinematic visuals.

* Over 80 hours of game-play.

* Complex character development (skills, spell-system, attach and more).

* Fully rendered 3D enviroments.

* Innovative battle system brings players even closer to the action.

* 4 exhilarating mini-games to challenge any player.

* Emotionally charged music orchestrated by the London Philharmonic Orchestra.