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Xexyz (NES)
Name: Xexyz (NES)
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  • Description
     In the year 2777, the peaceful kingdom of Xexyz has been invaded by Goruza, an alien race that has build mechanical fortresses and captured the ruling queens from each island in Xexyz. Apollo, famed soldier of battle, now stands up to challenge the mechanical empire.  Most of the game's twelve areas are side-scrolling platform affairs, with Apollo making his way through a variety of enemies, both fantastic and futuristic. He starts out with what looks like a very bouncy tennis ball, but this can be powered up quickly to lasers and such through the shops you run across on occasion. There is a little bit of an RPG element as you need to talk to disposed fairies and some of the other locals to get information vital to progress through the game.

    In several of the stages, Apollo takes a ride on his personal spaceship and goes through a horizontally-scrolling shooting stage; these stages are where the two larger bosses of the game reside. A password feature saves your progress throughout. 

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