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Zelda : A Link to the Past Four Swords (GBA)
Name: Zelda : A Link to the Past Four Swords (GBA)
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  • Description
    The Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past on Game Boy Advance is an identical port of the classic SNES game of the same name. What separates these brilliant Zelda adventures other than the Game Boy Advance's version being portable is that the GBA version also includes a Capcom-developed multiplayer game entitled Four Swords.  

    In Four Swords, up to four players can play together for a mix of cooperation and competition, solving puzzles, gathering Rupees and trading items. Fans of the Zelda series receive two great games for the price of one in this must-own GBA title.

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    Zelda Looks Great on the Gameboy Advance
    by zelda 03 Oct 2010

    The Legend of Zelda has had many memorable titles. Link to the Past has to be the favorite of the 2D games. This was the game that gave the ideals for the altime best: Ocarina of Time. This game consist of 2 worlds. A light and dark world. You link are in search to rescue the desandant of the 7 sages from the evil wizard Anghim (i think's his name) from the dark world and into the light world..
    If you played Links Awakaning, and Zelda: Oracle of Ages/Season you'll love this game. The graphics are superb for a portable gaming system. It'll rain and fog and its like in real life. it is so much fun! There are so many items to collect. Such as a bug-catching net to capture faires in bottels for life refil when you die. The story line is very in-depth and the fighting is envigorating. The sound are gorgous as well. Songs such as the ones in Ocirana of time are featured in this game.
    Multi-player for the zelda series is a first. Up to 4 people can link up to do tasts. YOu all have to work together. Its so much fun to play. You'll do things such as through your friend over a gorge to flip a switch. Real team effort. The one (or team) to collect the most rupees wins! THIS IS A MUST HAVE FOR THE GBA!!!