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Zelda Majora's Mask (N64)

Zelda Majora's Mask (N64)
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The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask for the Nintendo 64 is Nintendo's follow up to the smash hit, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. The game differs in many regards, but the same sense of adventure and exploration remains. The game begins with Link's Ocarina of Time being stolen by a mysterious stranger known only as Skull Kid. Link must fight to get it back, as well as stop the moon from crashing into Hyrule. To do this, he must use his Ocarina to travel back in time and finish his quest within three days. Hyrule is fully 3D, and every town, dungeon, and forest can be explored and interacted with. Link has many masks to use; some can even transform him into another being and give him incredible new powers. Most of the weapons and accessories from Ocarina of Time reappear, and there are also some great new tools to use. Overall, The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask builds on the premise of the original game with exciting new ideas.
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Here is how you ply as Ganon by a guy who knows codes 04 Jun 2008
Here is how you ply as Ganon. Take your N-64 and throw it agains the
wall as hard as you can 10 times. Next, take it to school and carry it
around with you all day. Take your math book home and read everything in it
from cover to cover. Even the back! Next take notes on everything you
learned. When you get home from school the next day, get your Zelda game and
drop a 12 x 12 rock on it about 12 times. After that, take a pemanant marker
and scratch out the 4 in Nintendo 64, and put "Nintendo 63." And finally,
put the game in the N-64. On file 1 put your name as "play". On file 2, put
ur name as "as". On file 3, put your name as "ganon", and you should be
ganon when you play on file 3!


Hpw to get the Songs from Majota's Mask by Princess Zelda 04 Jun 2008
Hpw to get the Songs from Majota's Mask

1. Song of Time
To get the Song of Time, finding all the Bomber Kids and learning the password, and getting the moons tear, then you have to trade the tear to the Deku guy by the Clock Tower, and on the Final Day at Midnight and shoot the Skull Kid grab the Orcarina, then Link will have a flash-back about Zelda and remember the Song of Time. The song lets you start back on the first day and you save your game.

2. Song of Double Time
After you learn the Song of time, play each note twice. This makes you go 6 hours ahead.

3. Song of Inverted Time
Play the Song of time backwards to slow down time and return it to normal

4. Scarecrow Song
Talk to the Scarecrow at the Observitory or the Trading Shop and play him a song, if he likes it, **** make it the Scarcrow song this helps getting you those extra heartpieces.

5. Song of Healing
After you get the Orcarina back, go back inside the clock tower and talk to the Happy Mask guy and **** teach it to you. But since you don't have Majora's Mask **** go insnae and start choking you.

6. Epona's Song
Talk to the giant Goron and complete his test to get the licence that lets you buy the Powder Kegs, then enter the Ranch on day one and talk to the Romani, do what she says and you'll get Eponia, she'll also teach you the song.

7. Song of Soaring
Right before the woodfall temple, you'll see the Owl on a stone and you'll learn it. It lets you fly to any owl statue that you strike with your sword.

8. Song of Storms
First, you MUST HAVE the Captians Hat, then go to Ikana Graveyard and talk to the Stalkids to get them to open the grave on the first night. go inside it and defeat the monster and read the tomb and badda boom you got the Song of Storms.

9. Sonata of Awakening
Get to the Monkey at the Deku Palace. Talk to him and **** tell you what happened and **** ask you if you have a LOUD instrument. Pull out your Deku Pipes and **** teach you the Sonata of Awakening.

10. Goron's Lullaby
Find the rolling Goron in the village thats covered in snow, **** open the gate to the temple shrine. Talk to the crying baby and **** telll you he misses his daddy. Then get some hot water from Darmonis grave, or the hole on the path to the Goron Village, then find the giant snow-ball that Tatl hovers over by the hole on the path and defrost the Goron. Talk to him and **** give you HALF of the Goron's lullabye. Then play it to his baby and **** teach you the rest and fall asleep. (Yawn)

11. New Wave Bossa Nova
Find all the Zora eggs. There is three in Pinacle Rock, and theres four in the Pirate Hideout. When you bring them all back to the laborotry the tiny Zora (look like musical notes) Will tach it to you and then you'll be able to enter the Great Bay Temple.

12. Elegy of Emptiness
After you defeat the Ikana King, **** teach you this song. It lets you make statues of yourself which are really freaky... espcially Link.

13. Oath to Order
After you defeat Oldowa, you'll here him singing this song. Which sounds dort of sad but you pull out your ocarina and then you have it. Use this song to call forth the four giants (Oldowa, Goht, Twinmold, and Gyorg) They'll stop the moon and then your sucked up inside and well the rest is up to you!

When you have the box to snap picture by TheOneWhoDoneMajora'sMask 04 Jun 2008
When you have the box to snap picture, snap a full body picture of Tingle(a FAKE

Invincibility Cheat by Glenn 04 Jun 2008
Yo I need an Invincibility Cheat Real Bad so if anybody has an Invincibility cheat please E-mail me.