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Xbox 360 - Live Pro Gamer Headset
Name: Xbox 360 - Live Pro Gamer Headset
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Manufacturer Name: Komodo

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  • Description
    KMD Komodo Live Pro Gaming Headset (Black) for the Xbox 360! These Pro Headsets are Brand New in the Retail Box. The KMD Komodo Pro Gaming Headset provides all the functionality and Quality as it's competition at a fraction of the price! The Over-the-Ear Cup Design Provides maximum Comfort and Noise Cancellation Functionality. The Headset Plugs directly into the Xbox 360 Controller with NO Adapter (Specifically designed for the Xbox 360!). These Headsets provide improved comfort and design compared to the Microsoft Headsets, with the same Compatibility (No Adapter required). Get your KMD Komodo Pro Gaming Headset today and blow the competition away!

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    Introducing Komodo's Pro Gamer Headset, exclusively designed for the Xbox 360. Featuring audiophile-quality noise reduction, independent volume and mute control, in additional to an adjustable boom mic, the Pro Gamer Headset is the professional communication standard for Xbox Live. Ergonomically designed ear pads and shielded cable provide comfort and signal integrity for the gamer demanding only the best.

    Designed for all Xbox 360 games that utilize Xbox Live Voice Communication & Chat
    Adjustable boom mic and soft ear pads for speaking comfort
    Easy access volume control and mute function
    Noise-Cancellation headphone for clear audio signal
    Plugs directly into your controller!
    Color: Black