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Sega Saturn System
Name: Sega Saturn System
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Manufacturer Name: Sega
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  • Description
    Complete Sega Saturn system, with one controller, ac adapter, and AV Cables.

    The Sega Saturn is a 32-bit video game console that was first released on November 22, 1994 in Japan, May 11, 1995 in North America, and July 8, 1995 in Europe. The system was supported in North America and Europe until late 1998, and in Japan until the end of 2000.

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    The Sega Saturn
    by David Pugh from North Carolina United States
    21 Aug 2015

    Much like the NEC PC Engine, Sega’s 32-bit powerhouse was a huge success in its homeland but failed to gain the traction it needed in the rest of the world; first being steamrollered by the PlayStation phenomenon, and then squeezed out of the best runner-up slot by the Nintendo 64. But the Saturn is a machine that you ignore at your peril! This machine was home to some simply incredible arcade ports such as Sega Rally, Virtua Fighter 2 and Marvel Vs. Capcom. Not just that though: it also spawned some incredible original games with titles like Nights, Guardian Heroes and Panzer Dragoon. There is a good reason why the Saturn has such a great reputation with modern day retro gamers but the fact it was overlooked by people of the past in favour of the rival Sony PlayStation is reason it makes this list.

    saturn was superior
    by elvismanning 13 Oct 2008

    saturn was superior to playstation in overall power but saturn was designed for 2d games because sega thought theyd be around longer and sonys 3d games simply blew peoples minds and 3d became the trend that it is today the saturns also known as 1 of the hardest systems to program for alltime it might have more chips than plsyation but if u cant use them then its a mute point saturn is 1 of the most collected systems because despite its flaws it did have several top rpgs and adventure games panzer dragon being my personal fav and u can import great games like d and d the arcade game and some good 2dfighters overall saturns great if u want alot of killer 2d games but if u want 3d games look elsewere
    the neogeo sprite freak

    The only videogame system I ever liked
    by Bill 05 Jun 2008

    The only videogame system I ever liked Sega Saturn.
    I had so much fun playing Sega Saturn games, I started
    out with the Genesis system that was fun until someone
    broke into my house and stole it, Forcing me to upgrade
    and buy the Newly Debuted Saturn. At 1st Saturn didn't have
    many games, The only game I owned for a long time was
    Virtua Fighter2, then When Tombraider came out , I became
    a Saturn Addict. Hey anyone know anyone that can Repair
    sega Saturns ? My sound isn't in Stereo anymore, I thought
    it was the AV cord but I tried another cord and its still
    not stereo, i have all the options to stereo, Its
    a Modified Saturn that plays Japanese imports, So I
    don't want to buy another one cause I won't be able
    to play my import games.

    my oppinion
    by Shawn Dier 05 Jun 2008

    Bah! still one of my most favorite games would be albert odyssey. its hillarious and i find myself using the jokes in Rl heh. yea im a nerd but who cares the §§ should have been the best. it is in my oppinion but my oppinions dont matter :p

    this system is THE BEST!
    by Dan 05 Jun 2008

    Let me just say that I LOVE SEGA and this system is THE BEST! It may not have a whole lot of titles out in the US, but buy a converter for 10 bucks and a WHOLE NEW world of Japanese games are opened up to you! Some goodies are: Magic Knight Rayearth (US), Nights Into Dreams (US), Burning Rangers (US), Sonic Jam - Sonic 1, 2, 3....etc...(JPN), Sakura Wars (JPN), Sakura Wars 2 (JPN)......and SO MUCH MORE! Don't bea afraid to get games in Japanese. You can ind TUNS of translations online! I still own my Saturn and play it often. I would rather play a quality game (some GREAT ones from Sonic Team) then a below par game, released by the giant Sony.