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Mattel Intellivision Video Game System Console
Name: Mattel Intellivision Video Game System Console
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  • Description
    Includes the Intellivision Console / AC Adaptor / 2 Controllers / RF unit

    The Intellivision is a video game console released by Mattel in 1979. Development of the console began in 1978, less than a year after the introduction of its main competitor, the Atari 2600. The word intellivision is a portmanteau of "intelligent television". over 3 million Intellivision units were sold and a total of 125 games were released for the console.

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    Classic Video Game Page is Awesome
    by David Garfield 14 Aug 2009

    Your page on Classic Video games is excellent. I'm a video game collector and I'm only missing a few systems.
    The Intellivision II can also be listed. What about Classic Handheld games? Can you do a review on them also.
    All in All, good information. David Garfield

    Play Now
    by Denise 20 Jul 2009

    I heard there are intellivision games adapted for todays computers. Does anyone know where to find them?

    Atari Wishes they were this Cool
    by Dana 20 Jul 2009

    My sisters and I along with our cousins and friends used to go to the quickshop and get a bag load of candy. Then we would play horse racing and place bets with the candy. Those were the best times. Snafu and Dungeons and Dragons were also my favorite. Atari wish they could have been so cool.

    Played till my Fingers Bled
    by Henrik Brynolfsson 20 Jul 2009

    Flashback! I did many hours, days, weeks and month´s on my Intellivision. My hands and fingers needed a serious recover. I remember that my thumbs were eaching brutally. It would be cool to see a gamelist with covers and info about the oldies! Cheer´s!! Now i´m into Playstation, and soon PS2!

    intellivision club
    by Scott 20 Jul 2009

    I have an intellivision club at my school. we trade games and have tournements. this is the greatest system ever. my lock and chase is broken. i need a new one.

    The Intellivision console from Mattel Electronics is designed to provide you with long hours of action-based entertainment. This Mattel video game is preloaded with a huge selection of challenging and exciting games. By adding on a variety of accessories, this Mattel console can be transformed into a computerized entertainment center. Adding a new dimension to the games, the Intellivision features the Intellivoice voice module which adds a new dimension of fun. The Intellivision computer adapter readily turns this Mattel video game into a home computer. A music synthesizer attached to this highly versatile Mattel console takes you into the world of music, while a keyboard helps you learn computer programming.