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- Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Getting Photo Mode in Big Update This Week
  Lots of bug fixes too. Talking about patches isn’t always very exciting, but you’ve got to love a good Photo Mode update. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is the latest game to receive this functionality, allowing players to snap some snazzy shots as they play through Cal’s journey. The mode is coming as part of […]
- Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled Is Feeling Festive with December’s Holiday-Themed Grand Prix
  Driving home for Christmas. However you feel about Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled’s microtransactions, you have to applaud Beenox for its sterling post-launch support. Every month has seen a new Grand Prix, seasonal events that bring a bunch of new content to the kart racer for free. The next one is named Winter Festival, and as […]
- News: Ghost of Tsushima gets brief tease ahead of Game Awards
  A trailer for a trailer, essentially. Powered by WPeMatico
- News: Magical battle royale Spellbreak gets PS4 closed beta this Spring
  B-R-E-A-K Powered by WPeMatico
- Final Fantasy VII Remake Is a PlayStation Exclusive Until March 2021, According to Box Art
  New label spills the beans. Final Fantasy VII Remake has never been locked down as a full PlayStation exclusive. The official wording from both Sony and Square Enix has been that it’s “coming first” to PlayStation 4, so it’s always been assumed that it’ll make its way to other platforms eventually. In other words, it’s […]
- Sony’s Sending Out a Cosy Dynamic Christmas Theme to PS4 Players in Europe and North America
  Check your emails. Update: We have confirmation that codes for the theme are now being emailed out to PS4 players in North America, not just Europe. Hopefully you got one! Read the full article on Powered by WPeMatico
- Final Fantasy 7 Remake Cover Says It’s a Timed PS4 Exclusive Until 2021
  Square-Enix has just updated the box art on its store page for the upcoming Final Fantasy 7 Remake, which now displays a message on the bottom-right corner that reads “PlayStation Exclusive. Play first on PS4” followed by further messaging that clarifies it will be a timed exclusive until March 3, 2021. Originally spotted on Twitter […]
- MLB The Show Will Be On Non-PlayStation Consoles by 2021
  MLB: The Show has been developed as a Sony-exclusive title by first-party developer SIE San Diego since 2006. However, the developers have announced that MLB The Show will be on other platforms as early as 2021. The announcement that the game will no longer be a PlayStation exclusive comes alongside the MLB’s decision to extend its […]
- To the Surprise of No One, PS5 Will Have Exclusive Games
  Titles not playable on PS4. When isn’t there a furore on gaming forums? There’s a lot of discussion at the moment regarding comments made by trusted Kotaku scribe Jason Schreier, who teased on a Split Screen podcast that the PlayStation 5 will have exclusive first-party games at launch. Surprising? Not really, but it sounds like […]
- PlayStation Now Subscribers Are Losing PS Store Purchases Due to a Licenses Bug
  PS Plus also causing problems. There’s no doubt about it: the PlayStation Store is a complicated beast. Unfortunately, as Sony adds more layers to its digital shopping plaza, it’s becoming even more complex. Case in point: PlayStation Now subscribers are beginning to report license-related issues which means that they will lose access to titles – […]