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- Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Gets Driver’s License Mission And New Characters
  When Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot was named and officially shown off at E3 earlier this year, none of the footage showed anything past the Frieza Saga. In a game about Goku’s life, it makes some sense that it would at least go through the part where he becomes a Super Saiyan, but fans were concerned […]
- Super Mario Bros. Movie Getting Unofficial Extended Edition
  I have very distinct memories of talking my parents into letting me go see the Super Mario Bros. movie in 1993 and, all of seven years-old, walking out of the theater trying to convince myself I liked it. The film has gained a cult following over the last 18 years, more for its mockable qualities than its […]
- What To Watch This Weekend: Call Of Duty, Halo 3 And Pokémon
  Dota 2‘s International tournament has begun! We’re still in the group stages to determine who will start the playoffs where, but we’ve already had some pretty good matches on a semi-new patch. It’s a whole week of Dota! (Stream / Schedule) The Pokémon World Championships has events this weekend for the trading card game, Ultra Sun […]
- If You Recently Bought A Switch, Nintendo Will Replace It With A Revised Model
  Offer limited to North America. Imagine if you bought the original Nintendo Switch and then found out a revised model had just been released. You would probably want to replace it, right? Well, now you can. Read the full article on Powered by WPeMatico
- Conker’s Creator Doesn’t Think There Would Be As Much Noise For Other Rare IP On Switch
  The bear and bird are the favourites. Conker’s creator, Chris Seaver, recently shared his thoughts about Banjo-Kazooie being announced as a playable DLC fighter for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on the Switch. Read the full article on Powered by WPeMatico
- Soapbox: I’m Collecting Every NFL Game Ever Released on PlayStation
  Third and long. What’s wrong with me? I’ve been planning for a while to clear out my cupboards from the countless PlayStation discs I’ve accumulated over the years, but just as I’ve started making progress on that process, I’ve been unable to resist the temptation of adding new cases to my collection. There’s a twist, […]
- SEGA’s New AAA Game Is Most Likely a New IP Named Humankind
  Teaser website goes live. SEGA will be announcing a brand new AAA title during Monday’s Gamescom Opening Night Live event, but a new teaser website from the publisher that went live earlier today appears to have all but confirmed the name of the game in question. Viewable via this link, the page features nothing more […]
- Broadband deal of the week: free Amazon Echo Plus with Vodafone’s fastest fibre
  We have to say, this broadband deal has us somewhat stumped. Vodafone has taken both of its fibre broadband deals and priced them at the same monthly cost. Confusing? Yes. A great time to seize a bargain on some superfast fibre internet? An even bigger yes. It means for just £23 a month (or only […]
- How to prevent employee burnout
  The World Health Organisation now officially recognizes workplace ‘burnout’ as an occupational phenomenon, this is the first time it’s being directly linked in its classification of diseases as a work hazard. Why has it become such a prominent issue?  If you look at the last ten years of the global economy, you’ll see it’s been […]
- Bluetooth security flaw leaves millions of devices open to attack
  A new Bluetooth vulnerability has been disclosed that would allow an attacker to more easily brute force the encryption key used by devices during pairing to monitor or even manipulate the data transferred between two paired devices. The vulnerability has been given the name “Key Negotiation of Bluetooth attack” or “KNOB” for short and it […]