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Barnyard Blaster (Atari 7800)

Barnyard Blaster (Atari 7800)
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Barnyard Blaster for the Atari 7800.  Barnyard Blaster is a shooting gallery-style game where you try to pick off the pesky pests infesting the farm. The game is light-gun-compatible.

The game consists of four levels which are repeated up to nine times. The first level takes place in the barnyard where you shoot bottles and cans off a fence. The second level takes you to the cornfield. There, you can pick off stationary targets including watermelons and pumpkins or try your hand at trickier game like rabbits and crows.

The third level takes you to the varmint-infested barn where tiny birds and mice make for challenging targets. The last level is Gramps's bonus round. On this level, Gramps will throw ten bottles into the air for you to shoot.

Each target scores a variable number of points depending on how fast you shoot it. You are limited to 40 bullets per level. To advance to the next level, you must meet a certain accuracy percentage. As the levels repeat, they become more challenging.
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