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Dinolympics (Atari Lynx)

Dinolympics (Atari Lynx)
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Dinolympics for the Atari Lynx.  It is the dawn of man. Your goal in life? Survival, which is not as easy as it sounds there are still dinosaurs roaming about! Dinolympics pits you and your tribe in a contest to see if your species is worthy enough to evolve. As you progress, more abilities and skills will become available to help in your journey. 

Each of the 25 levels poses different challenges that you must overcome to succeed, and you must also make sure the minimum amount of cavemen make it through within the time limit. Points are earned for each surviving member, each minute left on the clock, and simply completing the level (1,000 points multiplied by the level number). 

Teamwork is important in Dinolympics, so you must scroll through tribe members and pick up assorted objects (such as spears, rope, firebrands and wheels) found on each level. Use these objects to get past various obstacles, including dinosaurs, chasms, high platforms and trees. A map will show each level in detail, but there is another form of help available if you're still stuck.

On some levels, you'll be able to call upon a shaman who will offer a tool to get past a certain obstacle. There's only one small catch: the exchange will cost you one of your cavemen! For every four stages completed, you'll receive a password to resume progress at a later time. Does the game sound familiar? It is known as "The Humans" on other platforms.
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