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Super Mario All-Stars (SNES)

Super Mario All-Stars (SNES)
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Super Mario All-Stars was one of the first enhanced remakes. The graphics were recolored and enhanced for the Super Nintendo, and many bugs from the original versions were fixed. Gameplay has also been streamlined. The sounds and background music were enhanced from their original representations. A save feature was added to all of the games. Super Mario Bros. 2 was given the most enhancements. The Bowser encounter themes in Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels are unique to Super Mario All-Stars. Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels is the Super Famicom/Super NES version of the Japanese Super Mario Bros. 2, which was originally released for the Nintendo Family Computer in Japan in 1986.
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The real Super Mario Brothers 2 by Matt 05 Jun 2015
The real Super Mario Brothers 2 was not available for western audiences until a modified
version was released in the SNES cartridge “Super Mario All-Stars”. The full un-altered
experience was not released until the Wii through Nintendo’s Virtual Console service.
Why wasn’t the game ever released offcially in America? Is gameplay really that
difficult? The answer lies in the fact that this game actually really indeed lives up to the
hype as an extemely difficult title.
The game plays very much like the many now released hacked and edited ROMs of
Super Mario Brothers. Graphics are essentially the same as the first SMB title, only instead of a 1 player and 2
player mode; you have 2 options, to play as Mario or to play as Luigi. This is where the game becomes painfully
frustrating, but at the same time really intriguing. Everyone knows that Luigi and Mario have always played a little
different than one another. In SMB 2 the differences are very great.
Luigi can jump much higher than his shorter, more famous brother, but it is as if the entire level has been covered
in an oil slick. It is very easy for Luigi to slide right off a platform and into the abyss. Mario has much more traction,
it is almost as if his shoes got covered in super glue. However his short little jumps make bounding over obstacles
almost impossible.
The level design in this game is enough to drive anyone crazy. Impossibly short platforms and large gaps are the
order of the day. As you battle your way through over 50 additional levels of SMB goodness it is clear that only the
best of the best succeed in defeating this game.

The Ultimate Collection by mario fan 14 Jan 2008
Man, a Mario game collection. I really wish Nintendo would do this again. Seriously. I mean, it doesn't get much better than playing 4 of the most classic and fun games ever (5 if you're playing the second version) all on the same cartridge. You get Super Mario Bros, The Lost Levels, Super Mario Bros 2, and Super Mario Bros 3 all in the same game, spruced up for the SNES! Plus, if you have the later version, you get Super Mario World as well! Sonic Jam and Sonic Mega Collection may have loads of classics on them, but they just aren't as fun. I mean, All-Stars is good enough alone with Super Mario Bros 3 or an English version of the Lost Levels, but we have more here. This is argueably one of the best classic collections ever (that I've played, at least).